4 Instagram Tips That Work

4 Instagram Tips That Work

4 Instagram Tips That Work.

These are 4 Instagram Tips That Work. At first I had so many issues with Instagram. I use to think things would never click. Things changed fast after I used these 4 tips.

If you want to start taking your Instagram more seriously then these tips will help you greatly.

Tips to have success with Instagram.

4 Instagram Tips That Work

Stories- Make sure to do as many stories as possible. Instagram Stories are a great way for people to take a glimpse in your life. It’s like a backstage peek during a cool concert with your favorite artist.

When you do  Instagram stories it also appears in the new explore hashtag on Instagram. Yup.. that’s right that means your Instagram account stays fresh.

Tip 2

Post often! Make sure you post often. People want to see pictures and videos and everything about your life.

Instagrams sole goal is to keep you on the app. So stay on the app.

Post often! At least three times a day. Set your alarm on your phone for three times a day.  Use that time to post on Instagram or do a story or whatever. Just stay posting.

Quality posts.

4 Instagram Tips That Work
Quality posts are extremely important. Don’t just post just to post. At least make it interesting or teach something.

Give value whenever you can. Remember people always think about themselves. They want what’s in it for them. Give them value with each post.

Hootsuite or buffer

Hootsuite and buffer are great tools for automating the posting process on Instagram. These automation tools are a big help and allowed me to easily get into the groove of things.

4 Instagram tips that work

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