Highest Paying Affiliate Networks in 2019

  • Affiliate networks have many companies on them which all offer a variety of payouts or Percentages of payouts.

Affiliate Networks that pay commission

Ones like:


2-Rakutek / Linkshare

3-Impact Radius

4-Commission Junction (CJ)


6-Amazon Affiliates

7-And many more of them.

8-Amazon is probably the lowest commission payouts of all.- Amazon Affiliate is more for beginners as they only pay 5–8% or so depending on category and they also have very short cookie windows.

How much I earn as an affiliate.


I earn as high as 23% with some partners on other networks such as Shareasale, with some cookie windows being 180 days.

Some partners pay me  a fixed commission  such as $250/sale and not a percentage.

Depending on the sales price of the product being promoted if done off a % basis- I sell some products from a given affiliate partner that only makes 10%- but when the product price is $7000, I make $700. So it all depends on the product and price.

Affiliate sites selling high ticket items can get away with less traffic if it’s highly targeted and has commissions like that.

Conversely, you can make a lot of money with an affiliate site that has smaller commissions but brings in a lot of traffic.


Travel Sites commission

Some great examples of affiliate sites that make a TON of money are the travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, etc.. you may not know it but those are largely affiliate sites and earn very small commissions whenever you book a trip, be it a flight and/or hotel package etc.

Partner with companies that work with affiliate networks where you can make a good payout depending on your performance (I bring in a lot of traffic as one of the top sites in my niche so I can command 15–20% commission rates right from the start with new partners)- and also ones that have a long cookie period so you have time for them to convert the sale after visiting your content.

And then either sell a high ticket item(s), and bring in targeted traffic that converts at a reasonable level (2% is about the norm, but 5–10% is great), OR sell a product with lower payout but to a lot of people (more traffic,) that converts at a good rate.

 There are tons of sites out there they make quite a bit of money via affiliate marketing, they just aren’t going to tell you how much they make if you ask them though!

Good luck. If you are getting into affiliate marketing take the time to build up a site with great content and a great user experience and realize it takes time- probably a year until you start to make some sales, and may not be another 6 months or a year until you make decent money.. but this all depends on how well you do with SEO, generating quality content, the competitors in your niche, the demand for content within your niche (keyword volume,) etc

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