EZ WordPress SEO PLR Video Training Review

EZ WordPress SEO PLR Video Training

Creator: Jason Oickle

Cost: $9.87 to $17.00

EZ WordPress SEO PLR Video Training Review
EZ WordPress SEO PLR Video Training Review

My Rating

Product Description

In my EZ WordPress SEO PLR Video Training review i show how This Step-By-Step Video Training Series can make Your WordPress Sites More SEO Friendly!

You’ll learn strategies you can use to finally rank your sites high in the search engine results, even if you’re a complete newbie, and it won’t even take up much of your time!

The best part is, all the videos are completely white labeled. There is no branding in the videos at all, which it makes it easy for you to customize them for your own brand!

Target Audience

  • Newbie internet marketers
  • bloggers
  • Seasoned internet maketers
  • Travel Bloggers
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What is in the Product

1-Unbranded PLR Videos

We do NOT put any branded intro screens on our videos, unlike other similar PLR videos. This means you don’t have to do any extra work to rebrand the videos with your details. You can even instantly upload the video sets to your web server as is and start selling immediately!

2-Professional Sales Letter

Included is a professionally written sales letter so you can set up the mini site in minutes, and sell the package of videos using your own web server. All while keeping 100% of the profits!

3-Mini-Site Graphics Design

You’ll also get a professional set of header, footer and product graphics which you can use along with the killer sales letter that’s included. You also get the PSD’s to these professional designer quality graphics!

4-Transcripts & Mp3’s

Yes, you’ll even get the original transcripts & mp3 audio files. This allows you to completely drill right down into the videos so you can edit them anyway you like. You’ll easily get far more sales if you make them truly 100% unique to you and your brand!

What I like about the product

Very easy to understand material.
You get way more material for the price
Very easy to implement

What I don’t like about the product

The material may be a bit overwhelming
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My Final Thoughts

I think that the information in this product makes up for the petty price.

Another cool product i reccomend is this here.

This product is relevent information that will help guide you up in the search renkings if you implement it. Check out my other high grade selection plr set here

Thank you

Ryan Lavende

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