Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the life blood of any online business. If your not using email in your online business you are seriously missing out on a huge opportunity.Email Marketing

When I first started my online journey I didn’t take email  that serious because I was just interested in chasing the sale. I wanted money right away and that is not how online marketing business works at all.

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Email Strategy

Email Marketing is a strategy that once you understand it there is no looking back. Email allows you to build a relationship with a customer instead of just trying to sell them all at one time . This drip strategy is extremely effective. 

In any business you get in ..they always ask for email. Why do you think that it?… Its because Email is king. It allows you to continuosly build a relationship instead of casting for fish every day. pardon the metaphor.

When i really got into my email business my business exploded. The money kept on pouring in. It does take patience to write each email and plug in the right links but its totally worth it.

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