About page

Me “Ryan”

Who am I and why I decided to dedicate my life to My online business.

Hi there my name is Ryan and I have always been a hard worker.

I use to work long grueling hours as a valet attendant,club promoter,Vegas show manager and many many other jobs.

No matter what happened in my life I always felt like I was I was missing something. I felt like job life was always holding me down .

What changed

Chillin on the beach. (Damn I look cool)

What changed you ask???

I changed!! I started listening to personal development everyday and working on becoming a millionaire.

I started dedicating time to my blog and to my email list.

Success is a choice and I chose to keep focusing on the steps that will make me rich!!

I now have made over a million dollars because of my discipline and I aim to help other people make money online THE WAY THEY WANT TO.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my tips for a new life.