6 Main Reasons why people FAIL at Affiliate Marketing!

Many people in affiliate marketing have setbacks and failures. It’s that 98% marketers just quit way too soon.

Affiliate marketing is not an easy task. It’s not complicated on an academic level but it takes time and effort. There are specific strategies and marketing that must be done effectively.

Most people leave affiliate marketing and get counted  out  because they quit once they realize it isn’t a get rich overnight method.

Out of basic human nature, a lot of others fail because of the fear of failure. Hence they go back to settling for a M-F 8-5 job for many years.

Now when it comes to the actual specifics of failing in affiliate marketing, it can be several things actually.

6 Main Reasons People Fail in affiliate marketing 

1. People not branding themselves well enough. Don’t just be some random person online with no information about who you are, and pushing an affiliate link to somebody. Give context and credibility.

2. Not nurturing the traffic leads that one receives online. Effective content through email is crucial. If all you are doing is pushing one product after the next, then the list will go away.

3. Using the wrong form of traffic time after time. I know some will disagree with me, but something like solo ads are not the end all be all for affiliate marketing. So whenever the traffic is continuously being purchased but nothing is converting, the affiliate starts to lose money and cuts their losses.

4. Not tracking their progress. If you as an affiliate are promoting a product through a blog, and then promoting the same product on Twitter, you must monitor the data. Know where the sales funnels, the ads, the videos, whatever, are working. Because if an affiliate marketer doesn’t pick up on what is not working, then they’re bound to continue it.

5. I briefly mentioned nurturing the list. Content is important and the ability to portray the need the product meets for the consumer. Nobody cares about a product just because the affiliate cares about it.

6. Don’t be fake. Don’t lease a nice car and take pictures by it just so you can appear to be the biggest deal in affiliate marketing. If you own that luxury, sure, but honestly a lot of people are not instantly sold by that. What people care about is what you can offer them that helps meet their need or solves a problem. And that’s another reason some affiliates fail.

I hit the highlights. Stay committed and never stop learning. Then, you will see sales being made in affiliate marketing.

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